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Freitag, 12. November 2010

Tutu du Monde

Hello there,
welcome to our new blog! Circus is a blog with news around children's fun and fashion and a lot more ...

Here is our very first blog news for you with a lot more to come up -  enjoy!

Fairy dust and secret games. Princess dresses and sparkle dreams. Every girls wants to be a Princess-Ballerina once. With the tutu-dresses of  Andrea Rembeck a dream can come true to all those girls. Her tutus are hand-made, hand-dyed and produced in small runs. Colours are dusty pastels, details of sequins, beads and feathers, applied by hand to cotton and tulle. Her tutu makes little children imagine being a dainty Ballerina, a helpful fairy and a benevolent princess. Dreams of another world! For more see her website and online shop.

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