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Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Trends für Winter 2011/2012 aus Kopenhagen

CiffKids Trends Copenhagen - Autumn/ Winter 2011/2012
After the trend show there was a nice presentation of the main influences for the season by  Peclers Paris with the newest trends for the next season of children's fashion - winter 2011/2012. Well we haven't even finished the last winter seasons so far regarding the weather outside, but in the fashion business everything is a bit faster ...

Here with some beautiful 3D moodboards from ciffkids.

Gold Medallist
re-infuses meaning to standard references ...

World Remix
relates to current attitudes towards nomadology and mixing. it is a rich and modern story of human transmission and endurance.

Far-Off Lands
creates an essential imaginary parenthesis. Suspended between the years 1000 and an uncertain future. A strange world of chimerical softness and galactic surges.

Refocuses on an active and empathetic utopia, on co-production, on simple, sustainable and appealing solutions.

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