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Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

15 Jahre Lili Gaufrette - Happy Birthday to you ... Miss Lili!

Hurra Hurra! Mit der Sommerkollektion für 2013 feiert das Kindermodelabel Lili Gaufrette seinen 15. Geburtstag. 

Lili Gaufrette wurde 1998 von Catherine Wollner gegründet und gehörte unmittelbar nach seiner Gründung zu der französischen Zannier-Gruppe. Mittlerweile hat die Marke über exklusive 900 Verkaufsstellen weltweit.  Frankreich ist für die Marke nach wie vor der wichtigste Markt, gefolgt von Italien, den USA und Belgien. Auch der asiatische Markt hat bereits seine Liebe zu dem Label entdeckt. 

Das Fotografen-Duo, René und Radka, seit 11 Jahren ein Team. Beide leben in Paris und haben für Lili Gaufrette diese Geburtstags-Kollektion fotografiert. Ein kleines Video "Making off" gibt's hier auf der Website von Lili Gaufrette >> Video

With its "Anniversary" dress in Fluo Jacquards and its Fashionette miniature version.
Anniversary collection for a unique summer in Lili Gaufrette!

Lili blows out its 15 candles in a sweet and festive atmosphere, for a sparkling Summer 2013 collection! Happy birthday to you ... Miss Lili!

Lili Gaufrette was founded by Catherine Wollner in 1998. Almoust since the beginning the label belongs to the label portfolio of the french Zannier-Group. It is a comfortable and chic fashion brand, with 350 styles make up each season’s collection for impish and independent little girls. Their focus for this clothing is on natural fabrics and meticulous finishing distinguish, detailed oriented and with a broad color range that changes with each season.
The tulle underskirt is one example of Lili Gaufrette’s must haves, causing this seasonless piece to be revisited each season. Lili Gaufrette’s simple complexity speaks for itself, making it a timeless fashion line for clothing and accessories.

René & Radka, a well known German-Czech photographer-duo, who have been working as a team for 11 years now, shot the campaign for the "Anniversary" collection. View their "making off" >> Video here

BOW: Dress in Stretch Dots Jacquard from 2-12Y
Large Stripes: Short Sleeve Sweater in "Chiné" Cotton from 2-12Y 
Skirt in Large Stripes Poplin from 2-12Y
FLUO: Dress in Cotton Jersey from 2-12Y
Varnished Hairclip and Brooch

CEREMONY: Flocks of light and refined dresses, pleated or flounced, 
turning with tulle, guipure, bows and lace.

WHITE: Stretch Popelin Dress from 2 to 12Y
Varnished Hairclips

Smooth farandoles with pastel colors, white, light pink and vanilla,
playing with dresses of bright and contrasting colors, bubble, fluorescent or grenadine.

PETALS: Crepe Dress from 2 to 12Y

Dress in Pleated Crepe with hairband with Chiffon flowers

DOTS: Swimsuits in Jersey Dots Meryl from 2-12Y

VANILLA: Dress in Cotton Voile with embroideries from 2-12Y
Hairband with Chiffon flowers
Photo by René & Radka. © All the images Lili Gaufrette, France.

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