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Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Business Talk: Getting your Fashion Business started.

Getting advice
During you first year in business, you are going to need as much advice as you can get.

Whichever sector you are entering, you will come across a unique network of NEED TO KNOW people : buyers, press, manufacturers, photographers, and many more.

NETWORK like crazy. Make an impression and get everyone’s business card. You never know who could be useful to you in the future. But be careful, these contacts are precious, so don’t take advantage and make a nuisance of yourself.

Your college may be a good source of advice. Many regions have specific start-up advice workshops on offer through the colleges, universities or business support projects. Many are heavily subsidised, courtesy of regional public funding. The workshops and advisory sessions on offer should cover some of the essentials of operating as a freelancer, or running your business.

Topics may include ethical sourcing, marketing advice, CAD/CAM training etc. On the following pages we have listed a range of organisations which will be a useful starting point for you. Even if some of them are not based in your area, check out their websites as they may have online resources that could be useful to you.

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