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Samstag, 7. September 2013

Moonmoth by Kids on the Moon - the wonderful result of moonlit discussions!

Magda Rams - designer and founder of Kids on the Moon created the special kids collection "Moonmoth" in collaboration with one of the most famous Polish illustrators and comics artist Agata Endo Nowicka and it makes fashion, design, art and imagination come together in a form of a long-sleeve.

Magda, when was the concept for Moonmoth born?
The concept was born well into the night and just like the brand Kids on the Moon it was the result of moonlit discussions. The image of a moth - a night butterfly coming to life after dark had accompanied me for long time. When I came across the incredible moonmoth I immediately knew it would be the theme of the special collection by Kids on the Moon. Moonmoth is a fascinating, mysterious night butterfly. It moves imagination.

Magda, why did you choose Agata Endo Nowicka to cooperate on the project?
Agata is an extremely talented designer and illustrator. When I discovered her drawings of insects made for SMAK magazine I instinctively knew that our Moonmoth had been waiting for her.

Agata, an insects be inspirational for a designer? 
Absolutely! They are fun to analyze and to draw - pure pleasure! Many artists find them
fascinating and - what is crucial for this project - kids find insects irresistable. For years I have been drawing mostly people but, to my big surprise I found drawing insects to be a satisfactory and refreshing change. 


Magda, will Moonmoth become part of the Kids on the Moon basic collection?
Moonmoth - just like the real moon moth - is short lived. It is a limited collection created for kids whose imagination becomes most vivid after dark. The top will be available in autumn and winter 2013. However, being a butterfly, it may transform further…

Agata, Moonlight is the source of inspiration for Kids on the Moon. Where is your
inspiration coming from?

Recently I have been inspired by my daugther Milla's world. I adore her drawings, enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking. She draws way better than I do - with easeand certainty that is very hard to find among grown-up artists.

Photographs by Marta Pruska©2013 Kids on the Moon.

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