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Freitag, 4. März 2011

Labels to watch: Cosy&free from Spain

Little Ones Living Large In cozy&free
Comfortable clothing that pampers free-spirited kids

Cozy&free got its start in the Basque Region of Spain, when Noemi Ezkurdia, a mother of two, met Aran Jubin. Cozy&free was created with the support of Noemi and Aran’s friends in San Sebastian, Spain. “We got everybody involved, one way or another”. These days, Noemi lives in San Francisco and Aran in Spain, mixing the influences of their lives in Europe with the West Coast. Cozy&free clothes are as unique and expressive as the kids that wear them. Their line has loose fitting fabric and simple, stylish design that kids can play in or go to a party with.
Since 2008, cozy&free has been dressing children in clothing born in the heart of the Basque country in Northern Spain. Recently relocated to San Francisco, CA for the launch of their SS 2011 collections.
For Spring/Summer 2011 comfort and style play together, mixing and matching, while they bring a bit of old-fashioned romance to the mix. Cozy&free style. for girls & boys from 0-6 years.Cozyandfree3Cozyandfree2

all pictures from cosy&free.

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