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Freitag, 18. März 2011

Room Seven - Adventures on Coco Loco Island

Room Seven was established in 1994 by Brecht Olsthoorn, daughter of the founders and owners of the Dutch brand ‘Oilily’. Initially designing only a bedding and accessories line, a start with a children’s clothing collection was made after the birth of her first child. 

Their new spring collection 2011 is a trip to the happy island of Coco Loco, far away from here. A magical environment where it is great to play in the cool sea and to enjoy delicious Italian ice cream during a hot summer on this sunny sunshine island. When the wind blows over the island, the fabrics from the collection will rustle around your bare legs. Fresh cotton, voile, linen and white jeans are the basis for the wonderful new Room Seven collection. 

The colours the designers have found on the island are used for the collection to give it the sparkling character of the new summer. Early in the morning they saw coral pink, pearl white and pistachio green. On the beach, under the full sun, they discovered the green from the hummingbird, the blue from the ocean and the yellow of the summer sun. After the setting of the red sun they went to sleep under a starry infinite sky.

The bedding collection is also remarkably bright and southern tinted in two different colour ranges know as: yellow, green with pink and red or classical red, white and blue. Gino drives his blue ice cream truck around the island and has absolutely no problems selling his Italian ice cream to the dancing hula girls. Naturally the elaborate and richly embroidered quilts lead the new summer collection. The quilts, which over the years have become the signature pieces from Room Seven, tastefully show all themes from the bedding and clothing collection.

The boys’ bags collection shows that Room Seven bags are made to travel. Based on the old suitcases of the past, you can put all your clothes and toys in them to start your trip to Coco Loco IslandAnd because the laptop increasingly has become a travel companion, Room Seven even added a couple of laptop bags to the new collection. Executed in the typical Room Seven way, this bag can not be left out of any travel bag collection.

In short, the sunny feeling of Coco Loco Island is reflected in the cheerful bright girls and boys clothing, bedding and in the bags collection. Enjoy the new Spring 2011 collection of Room Seven!


Room Seven is distributed to more then 30 countries worldwide. In 2009 Room Seven obtained the license from Oilily World, to design and distribute the new Oilily Newborn and Children’s Classic collections for Oilily World worldwide. More information you will find on:

all images via Room Seven.

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