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Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Things we love - Designs by Gabriela Pardo.

Gabriela Pardo's inspiration behind the design of her toys, accessories and clothes is to imagine items that would be playful, keep their sentimental value and leave a cherished imprint in one's memory of childhood. 
Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Gabriela has lived and worked in New York and is now settled with a family in Berlin, Germany. In Bogota she studied Industrial Design at the Javeriana University and in New York, Marketing and Communication at F.I.T. 
Her time in New York gave her inspiration, cemented in Berlin when she had children of her own. Her company 'Things We Love' is focused on creating products with an attention to detail and quality.

Gabriela Pardo kommt ursprünglich aus Bogota in Kolumbien. Bevor sie mit ihrer Familie nach Berlin zog, lebte und arbeitete sie in New York. In Bogota hat sie Industriedesign studiert und anschließend in New York Marketing und Kommunikation an der bekannten Fashion Institute of Technologie. Schon in New York begann Ihre Leidenschaft für's Entwerfen von Spielzeug, Accessoires und Kinderbekleidung. Später in Berlin und nach der Geburt ihrer Kinder gründete sie ihre eigene Firma "Things We Love". Augenmerk ihrer Kollektion liegt auf Qualität und den liebevollen Details ihrer Produkte.

Gabriela Pardo will be presenting her designs on the fair Playtime in Paris, 28-30 January 2012. For more information contact:

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