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Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

New ShowStyleKids Magazine presents Alla Wesley White Photography

girl's outfit from Zara
Allana Wesley White is an international photographer working between the US and the UK, currently based in Miami, and specializing in kids, tweens and juniors photography.  Allana loves old movies, dark chocolate, and pugs, preferably all at the same time.

Have a sneak peek at her editorial for ShowStyleKids.

left side dress (Little Pieces), hair band (Numereo 74), ballerinas (Anniel), girl's dress (Zara)

girl's dress (Zara), right side dress (Guess Kids), Chelsea Boots (Manuela de Juan)

girl's top & skirt (Zara), right side dress (Nono), skirt (Little Pieces) Jacket (Little Marc Jacob)

left side dress (Talc), bracelet (Louise Misha), ballerina (Petit Nord), girl's dress (Zara)

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