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Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Lesenswert - Das Welthemd!

Das Prinzip von H&M: Das gleiche T-Shirt für alleDer Modekonzern H&M tritt gegen Ausbeutung ein. Und doch verkauft er Kleidung für ein paar Euro. Wie kann das sein? Eine Suche nach dem Geheimnis des billigen T-Shirts.

Wie kann ein Unternehmen gut sein und zugleich so billige T-Shirts verkaufen?
Es gibt jemanden, der diese Frage leicht beantworten kann: H&M. Die Zentrale des Unternehmens liegt in der schwedischen Hauptstadt Stockholm. Im Erdgeschoss ist eine H&M-Filiale, in der es die gleichen Kleider gibt wie in Berlin, Tokyo oder San Francisco. Das gleiche T-Shirt für die ganze Welt, das ist das Prinzip von H&M.
Mit diesem Thema befasst sich das Zeit Online Magazin ausgiebig auf 6 Seiten. Hier geht's zum Weiterlesen:
H&M ist heute in 38 Ländern vertreten. 76.000 Mitarbeiter arbeiten nach der gleichen Philosophie: Ihnen Mode und Qualität zum besten Preis zu bieten. 

Mehr dazu findet man online bei H&M.
"Auf diesen Seiten erfahren Sie mehr, wie wir diese Philosophie umsetzen. Entdecken Sie H&M weltweit und nehmen Sie Einblick in den Design- und Einkaufsprozess unter Von der Idee bis zur Filiale. Was wir tun, um unserer sozialen und Umweltverantwortung gerecht zu werden, das erfahren Sie unter Unsere Verantwortung."

Made with Love by Cédric Rivrain and Ladurée for Joyce.

ohne Worte!

Photo via Cedric Rivrain

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

es weihnachtet sehr ...

falls ihr mal in Hongkong seid!

Daydream Nation Flagship Store

21 Wing Fung Street, Starstreet Precinct, Wanchai, Hong Kong
+852 2817 6313 |
Open Tuesdays - Sundays, 11am-8pm
fond on

pictures via stylebubble

Daydream Nation's debut store in Hongkong. The duo behind the fashion meets art label Kay and Jing Wong have made a name for themselves doing visual presentations at LFW and now based in Hong Kong, they're probably one of the most established young designers in their hometown.  The opening of their store marks a big stepping stone in the label's timeline, providing Daydream Nation the means to establish their visual world which is so fundamental to the label as well as showcasing the local creative talent that Kay and Jing engage with. for more see NY Times article (*ahem* self plug, self plug... ): An Eye for Detail, and Plenty of Pop.

Da verbrennt kein Toast mehr ...

Toaster mit "Kuck-Fenster" : Magimix Vision Toaster.
Hat zwar nicht viel mit fashion & kids zu tun, aber wie sagt Paul Smith "You'll find inspiration in everything!" Das hat allerdings auch seinen Preis: $249.45

Für den nächsten London Besuch ...

Stuart Kolakovic  Illustrations for tea boxes for Marks & Spencer.

I just love his warm and friendly illustration series created for Marks & Spencer's new range of naturally caffeine free tea boxes.

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Puppengeschichten bei Chanel

Sie kommen wieder in Mode, waren nie aus der Mode - Puppen!
Wie man jüngst am Beispiel der Schaufensterdekoration von Chanel sehen kann.

©mereli* gesehen bei Chanel, Kudamm Berlin

Als ich die Schaufensterdekoration von Chanel sah fielen mir gleich die "Rag Dolls" von Jess Brown ein.
Na was denkt Ihr?

Jess Brown began making dolls for her children 11 years ago using old cashmere sweaters and antique remnants. As committed flea market goers, they would search together for amazing antique pieces, trims, buttons and findings.This has now all come together as a small line of one of a kind and hand made rag doll. Each doll is hand dyed in persian black teas to create variations in skin tones. Each doll is stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber stuffing. They are all made of cotton muslin and linen, and of primarily recycled and antique fabrics and findings. Each doll is created with button shoulders. This may not be suitable for children under three years. Jess also collaborates with several designers, using scrap remnants left over from a current season cutting. These dolls are created as limited edtion collections. She also has a lovely blog.
See for yourself:
(also to buy via smallable)

Herzlichste Grüsse aus Berlin! © Janessa

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

exhibit kids

Hello again,
I love this idea - limited edition toddler tees designed by emerging artists worldwide!

For their launch, exhibit kids selected designs represent six countries, five continents and six very individual styles. Their designs are carefully chosen by our panel of art aficionados and printed based on the response from our members. each exhibit kids design is only printed once as a limited edition guaranteeing exclusive and unique tees for our customers. 

Each exhibit kids T-Shirt design is printed as a limited edition guaranteeing exclusive and unique tees for our customers. All designs are submitted by emerging artists worldwide, artists receive a 20% profit share from the sale of their designs. The founder of exhibit kids is Darcie,  the headquarters works from Miami and they ship national and international. For more  see their website ...

Samstag, 20. November 2010

Atelier Charivari - Vintage Kid's Furniture from France

Atelier Charivari is a blog and a shop in Rouen, France. The owner Soizic Menut brings back life to old furnitures. When you see these furniture you can tell he has a good eye on what is worth restoring. The thing is to see the quality in the old pieces. This doesn't mean surface scratches or even small dents or missing hardware - that is not a problem. Most of the time, it's the dents and scratches that add charm but if charm isn't what you are looking for, you can sand the item down and paint it to look new. What you have to look for, above everything else, is first do you like it (of course) but next, it needs to have good bones it must be sturdy and made well. Metal lockers, metal tables with exposed rivets, wood tables with metal tops, metal bookcases with wood shelves, these are all quite the rage currently, have you noticed? Atelier Charivari -if you are interested in ordering from them and live in mainland Europe, you may contact them if you see something that you are interested in purchasing.

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Freitag, 12. November 2010

Tutu du Monde

Hello there,
welcome to our new blog! Circus is a blog with news around children's fun and fashion and a lot more ...

Here is our very first blog news for you with a lot more to come up -  enjoy!

Fairy dust and secret games. Princess dresses and sparkle dreams. Every girls wants to be a Princess-Ballerina once. With the tutu-dresses of  Andrea Rembeck a dream can come true to all those girls. Her tutus are hand-made, hand-dyed and produced in small runs. Colours are dusty pastels, details of sequins, beads and feathers, applied by hand to cotton and tulle. Her tutu makes little children imagine being a dainty Ballerina, a helpful fairy and a benevolent princess. Dreams of another world! For more see her website and online shop.

picture from

Samstag, 4. September 2010

Party Time! Part one

Today we want to present you some ideas for your kid's party time!

Let's start with Meri Meri from UK, they have the coolest party sets! If you have a big celebration planned, you've come to the right place. Their growing range of partyware brings you everything you need, from paper plates and napkins to table centerpieces and bunting. You can decorate the hall, send fabulous and fun invitations and prepare some fabulous cupcakes, it's all here. Just choose your theme and get ready to party!

and I love their cupcake kits, see for yourself!
Cupcake Kit contains: 24 cupcake cases and 24 cupcake toppers in 4 designs

for more ideas I love Jordan Ferney's blog "Happy Days", a San Francisco based party planner.

picture via

Freitag, 20. August 2010

Nursing Chairs with flair - olli&ella

Nursing Chairs with Flair

Nursery furniture has come a long way in the past ten years. It's has become much easier to find nice, stylish furniture for baby's room. Why should become a parent mean that you have to compromise your own sense of style? Products for your baby are a part of your life and home. Wouldn't it be nice to buy a beautiful chair which you can easily move from nursery to living room? Meet Olli & Ella. Their mission is simple: to design beautiful, playful, and oh-so comfortable nursing chairs for design-savvy mums and dads. The Olli Ella collection, which is lovingly hand-made in England by our skilled craftsmen, is made to order and promises to last a lifetime.
Hello Mama, meet Mo-ma
Who's your Da-da?
picture via olli&ella