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Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

Autumn-winter collection by Otsuki Sama

Otsuki Sama is a brand with various collections which are made entirely by hand. The original textile designs and motifs by French designer Valérie Bastit Laudier are produced in Valérie's studio or manufactured by skilled artisans in Lyon and Paris. Each item has its own story and invites you into the poetic world of Otsuki Sama, the majesty of the moon.The symbol of the moon, extremely strong in Japan symbolizes Japanese
Crochet satchel, T shirt dyed  and Graduated scarf, linen bag dyed with natural indigo 

Product lines include Otsuki Sama world of paper ( postcards, wallpaper, decorative panels), the tableware ( placemats , coasters , tablecloths ) , linens , clothing for children, decorative objects (Japanese pillows , comforters ) and accessories such as bracelets or lace collars hand-dyed , recalling the taste of Japanese for crochet , knitting and handmade, that Valerie will modernize .
Some are unique , some are produced in series BE LIMITED . All tell a story, and you propose antrer in the world Otsuki Sama, His Majesty the Moon!

Crochet satchel "Papillons", 100% cotton, 30 x 26 cm,

 Photos © 2013 Otsuki Sama

Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Elias & Grace with Wonderful New Photo Story for Their Label Miller!

Since opening its flagship store in September 2005 and premier Online store in 2008 Elias & Grace has successfully established itself as a luxury brand in its own right. Each season they present new cutting edge fashion, the season’s hottest looks and elegant online editorial.
2010 Grace Elias & Grace's own label Miller was born by owner Nickey Thrussell a collection of childrenswear for 0-10 years. It has already won Junior Magazine's Best Emerging Talent Design Award and it just has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Children's Design Team for the WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2013. Congrats!

The new campaign of their own label Miller was shot by the talented photographer Emma Tunbridge, and stylist Grace Lott. The models are identically twins showing some pretty edgy pieces of the newest collection.

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Junior Gaultier goes COUTURE in Summer 2014!

The first creation from this pretty couture collection of Junior Gaultier was for Summer 2013 and inspired by Indian Gypsies is a dress straight from a fairy tale. This dress, which comes in ivory and padparadscha, was seen at the Haute Couture show and needed more than 60 hours of painstaking work. Now a reinterpretation of this unique creation is available in a limited edition. Only 60 dresses in each colour will be available worldwide.

The little top in silk pongee goes perfectly with the floaty flounces of the tulle skirt

Jean-Paul Gaultier goes back to his childhood! In a collaboration with the Zannier Group, Gaultier signed its first Kidswear collection for Winter 2009 under the brand name Junior Gaultier. Fashion’s enfant terrible revisits the classics that have spelled the success of its collections since the 80s: not only the inevitable sailor’s shirt, but also the biker’s jacket, kilt and its lace and tattoo prints. Every season, Junior Gaultier confirms its ambition to develop a highly creative wardrobe for kids keen to assert a taste for easy-to-wear ‘couture’ fashion.

Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

Lovely Cuddledeer from Cuddledry - perfect for Xmas!

This is a special bamboo toddler towel "Cuddledeer" the brand Cuddledry designed special for Christmas. It is gorgeously silky soft because of the fine bamboo quality. A lovely fawn coloured towel in our classic toddler towel shape, complete with soft felt antlers and a bambi-style dotty back. Brilliant fun for bathtime before Santa arrives, all festive season, and throughout the seasons. From walking age to 3 years.
The Cuddledry concept was founded by Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh, two long term friends, now working mums. Their first product was the Cuddledry baby bath towel - now a multiple award-winner and a 'must-have' for all new mums and dads.
Just take a look at their website or their Online Shop.

all pictures ©2013

Licht aus – Spot an! Lights out, spots on: Here comes our first Circus Mag #1 - Video!

Rise the curtain and welcome to Circus!

Here at Circus Mag it's all about the CHILDREN's UNIVERS.
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Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

Hold up your red card to child labour! - Rote Karte gegen Kinderarbeit!

Kinderarbeit ist weiterhin ein großes Problem in der Bekleidungs- und Textilindustrie! 


Rund 30 Ländern wird vorgeworfen, Kinder in der Baumwoll-, Textil-, Leder- und Bekleidungsindustrie arbeiten zu lassen. Besonders Usbekistan rekrutiert Schulkinder für die Baumwollernte, ein Bereiche, der am stärksten Kinder für sich arbeiten lässt. Rund 168 Millionen Mädchen und Jungen arbeiten heute noch als billige Arbeitskräfte in Argentinien, Aserbaidschan, Brasilien, Mali, Parguay, der Türkei und Sambia, oft "full time". Kinder-Zwangsarbeit finden wir in Ländern wie Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, China, Indien, Kasachstan, Pakistan, Tadschikistan, Turkmenistan und Usbekistan. Im Textil- und Lederbereich sind Kinder zudem Gesundheitsrisiken bei der Arbeit ausgesetzt. Ein Schutz vor Chemikalien ist oft meist vorhanden. Beim Thema Kinderarbeit ist die Textilindustrie an stärksten betroffen, mit insgesamt 11 Prozent der minderjährigen Bevölkerung weltweit (168 Millionen Kinder).

Child labor is still a major problem in the apparel and textile industry! Around 168 million girls and boys work today, many full time.

Child labour deprives girls and boys of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development. Child labour is work that children should not be doing because they are too young to work and should be in school or, if they are old enough to work, because it is dangerous or otherwise unsuitable for them. 
There are 168 million child workers around the world and more than half of them are trapped in the worst forms of child labour. They work in fields, mines and textile factories and many are sexually abused, exploited in the drug trade or forced to join armies and militias.  

The Red Card campaign aims to free millions of children who are trapped in the worst forms of child labour. 


Kampagne der IOL gegen Kinderarbeit mit Schauspieler Tim Roth

The ILO launched the first Red Card campaign in 2002 to raise public awareness of child labour. Eight years later, the second Global Conference on Child Labour that took place in The Hague committed to eliminating the worst forms of child labour by 2016. The 152 countries that participated in the third conference that just ended in Brasilia have renewed their commitment to reach that target. “The Red Card is a powerful image that is easily recognizable across the world as a warning that something is wrong and must stop,” said ILO chief Guy Ryder. The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the UN agency for the world of work.  Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the ILO sets international standards and promotes and protects fundamental rights at work. The ILO has 185 member States and is the oldest UN agency. It was founded in 1919, as part of the Treaty of Versailles.

2002 organisierte die ILO (International Labour Organization der UN) die erste "Rote Karte-Kampagne" gegen Kinderarbeit um hier eine breitere Aufmerksamkeit in der Öffentlichkeit zu gewinnen. 2010 fand zum zweiten Mal eine Weltkonferenz zum Thema Kinderarbeit in Den Haag statt  mit einem ILO-Übereinkommen zur Beseitigung der schlimmsten Form der Kinderarbeit bis 2016. „Wir gehen in die richtige Richtung“, so die ILO. Sie zeigt sich vorsichtig optimistisch: „Seit dem Jahr 2000 gibt es 78 Millionen Kinderarbeiter weniger, das ist fast ein Drittel. Besonders die Kinderarbeit von Mädchen konnte reduziert werden: Im Zeitraum zwischen 2000 und 2012 ist die Kinderarbeit von Mädchen um 40 Prozent zurückgegangen, bei den Jungen waren es hingegen nur 25 Prozent.“ Dennoch reichen die Programme zur Abschaffung von Kinderarbeit noch lange nicht aus. Jede einzelne Stimme zählt. Machen Sie mit und setzen auch Sie ein Zeichen: Die "rote Karte" gegen Kinderarbeit!

Actor and film director Tim Roth spearheads the ILO campaign to show the red card to child labour and raise awareness of the approximately 200 million girls and boys in child labour around the world. More information here.

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