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Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

Autumn-winter collection by Otsuki Sama

Otsuki Sama is a brand with various collections which are made entirely by hand. The original textile designs and motifs by French designer Valérie Bastit Laudier are produced in Valérie's studio or manufactured by skilled artisans in Lyon and Paris. Each item has its own story and invites you into the poetic world of Otsuki Sama, the majesty of the moon.The symbol of the moon, extremely strong in Japan symbolizes Japanese
Crochet satchel, T shirt dyed  and Graduated scarf, linen bag dyed with natural indigo 

Product lines include Otsuki Sama world of paper ( postcards, wallpaper, decorative panels), the tableware ( placemats , coasters , tablecloths ) , linens , clothing for children, decorative objects (Japanese pillows , comforters ) and accessories such as bracelets or lace collars hand-dyed , recalling the taste of Japanese for crochet , knitting and handmade, that Valerie will modernize .
Some are unique , some are produced in series BE LIMITED . All tell a story, and you propose antrer in the world Otsuki Sama, His Majesty the Moon!

Crochet satchel "Papillons", 100% cotton, 30 x 26 cm,

 Photos © 2013 Otsuki Sama

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