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Montag, 21. November 2011

Little Red Stuga - Bu! "Indian" Every child's best friend.

The past weeks I've been seeing this Bu! blankie on many blogs from all over the world. Everybody loves this cute blankie for children from Sweden. For me a "Must" to present it also on our kidx blog.  
photo by Elisabeth Dunker © little red stuga 
Kasper and Ulrika, are the founders of "little red Stuga" and began to cooperate during their design studies at HDK in ,Sweden in 2007. "Our involvement and interest in inspiring and pedagogic play environments have gathered more people around our ideas and activities, so today we're a network of people who work both operationally and with development".  They aiming is to support children’s basic needs of activity and impressions and to keep adults young at heart. "Our ambition is to create a platform for quality design for big and small children with an international appeal and a pedagogical content."
photo by Elisabeth Dunker © little red stuga
Bu!- every child's best friend. Comfort and inspiration on the go. This 100% cotton blankie will follow the child from infancy into the toddler years. Bu! encourages childrens’ imagination & interaction as it doubles as a peekaboo sheet. From 6-9 months babies can play their own version of peekaboo, a game that stimulates the memory. Age 1 and up - all hide and seek games are fun. Children age 3 and up, play alot of character games together with other children.

Design: Little Red Stuga ©2011
Special edition indian motif by Elisabeth Dunker/Fine Little Day
Registered Design, All rights reserved.
Product description & dimensions:
100% cotton, Ø 70 cm
Base in sand color with red or marin print. Several different colors of edges.
You can buy it in their shop!

More information about "little red stuga" and their products you will find here

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