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Sonntag, 27. November 2011

MikoDesign - a Collection of Handscreen Printed Products from The Netherlands

Mikodesign is a small label owned by Erika Harberts. She lives in the city centre of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. After one year of fashionschool she studied textile monumental art and started making clothes and softies for her two girls (Sofia and Mila) and founded Mikodesign. Mikodesign produces a range of textile product for babies, children and women. Especially her dolls and their little accessoires are very unique. All her designs and screenprints are handmade in small quantities in her atelier in the Netherlands. She also has a lovely blog as her creative outlet and as a journal for her  business:
More information about Mikodesign here:

Mikodesign© a collection of handmade and screen printed dolls, complete with skirts and scarf/Bag. These dolls are made of 100% cotton and measure about 50 cm from head to toe.

Mikodesign© you can find the combiset in the shop, the set contains fabric to make a doll & rabbit (in red or blue ). Make one and give one away as a present or keep them both ;-) You can find them here

Mikodesign© circus rabbits

Mikodesign© circus rabbits
Sweet little rabbits made of 100% cotton and screen printed with an original Mikrodesign print.

Mikodesign© screenprints + doll with camera accessoires

Mikodesign© some new cameras, parfume bottles and mini eiffeltowers

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