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Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Fashion Trends for Summer by Mudpie

Mudpie : Fable - Girls & Boys - Spring/Summer 2011

A return to innocence manifests itself within the majesty and intrigue of the forest. Epic children’s literature and the romance of idyllic, natural ways of life are underpinned by resurgences of fantasy ideals within cinema, fashion and design. Nature fuses with technology to produce a unique, hybridised vision of an ecological future, while retaining a vital link to times long since past.
Fashion interpretation: A sense of mystical wonder and fantasy is evoked as the ethereal Fable palette incorporates natural bases, tonal fresh greens, delicate neutrals with highlights of sunshine yellow, dragonfly blue and medieval red. Translucent watercolours and soft bleed effects are central to design; a hand-drawn, illustrative theme runs throughout, working alongside layered effects and scripted typography to create unique and complex graphics, reflecting the delicate and mystical aesthetic of the trend. The fusion between nature and technology influences graphics and prints; designs display a futuristic, digitised look, taking cues from the angular feel of avant-garde art movements such as Cubism or Abstract Expressionism to create unique, hyper-real imagery. Block panelling, wide sleeves and corset shapes create a medieval style. Details are unassuming yet effective, such as braiding and rouleau button loops, adding to the Middle Age styling by embellishing the outfit with authentic-looking elements. 

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