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Montag, 14. März 2011

Stella's little project!

The launching of a new collection always calls for a celebration! What Stella McCartney wanted most, was to share this exciting moment with children and their parents. Kids are Stella's every day inspiration. Childhood memories, dreams and all the little magical moments in a kid's life inspirit ingenuity and special designs in the clothes she creates for the youngest. With this in mind why not having a contest where the kids themselves would contribute their own artwork to inspire two very special new Tees for her summer clothing line. 

Your child's artwork could inspire an exclusive new Stella McCartney Kids Tee! Two winners will be selected. All submitted drawings will be judged by popularity vote. The most popular drawing, in both Girls and Boys categories, will win! These drawings will inspire two very exclusive Stella McCartney Kids Tees. The Top 100 drawings for each category will also win the new and exclusive Stella McCartney Kids Tee.  Check the rules of the contest!

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